The 9 Column Low Radiator

£190.00£750.00+ VAT

First produced in America in the 1880’s, the 9 Column low radiator is ideal for providing a high heat output where the height space is at a premium.

Most of the radiators we find have been manufactured by the American Radiator Co. (ARC), Crane or Ideal Standard, who all produced the same styles and sizes but you may find slight variations in design and size.

Radiators are priced per section. The 9 Column is priced at £25+vat per section. It’s 330mm high and 330 mm deep. The total price is subject to an added £120+VAT restoration fee which includes sandblasting, pressure testing and rebushing. To add the paint colour of your choice is also an added £8+VAT per section. Radiators can be painted in any RAL colour in matt, satin or gloss.

If we have your desired radiator in stock we can deliver within a few days, alternatively please allow 3-4 weeks for sourcing.

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