Exterior 15

£1,150.00+ VAT

Our custom made doors are perfect for those restoring an older property as sizing is often unconventional and difficult to match with off the shelf styles. They are all made by traditional methods and all from sustainably sourced timber.

Our doors comprise of a hardwood frame and hardwood panels, are perfect for high traffic areas, and inherently stable so will not warp, crack or split.

They are all made to measure and the prices are the same for sizes up to 36″ wide x 84″ inches high (914mm x 2134 mm).
Anything above these measurements will need to be quoted individually.

Our standard lead-time for an unglazed door is around 3-4 weeks depending upon workload.

Some doors come with a glass facility, meaning arrangements are required to source the glass. This can be sourced either by yourself or us.

If you wish to order, please send your door specification to info@insitumanchester.com.